The following is a statement sent to staff from Scottish Borders Council chief executive Tracey Logan on 08/4/20


We fully appreciate that these times are difficult, and that you will be concerned about your own, and your family’s, health and safety as well as the health and safety of your clients and colleagues.

Our priority is that you have the right personal protective equipment to ensures you are as safe as possible as you continue to provide your important services to the most vulnerable residents in our communities.

In line with what we believe to be the best advice available to us, we are making face masks available to all care workers to ensure they can carry out their roles as safely as possible.  In addition, our local schools have been making visors, which will be available for supply by the end of this week to all carers and wider frontline staff.

We are making every effort to ensure you will be provided with the following equipment :

  • Gloves – Stocks available as usual
  • Aprons – Stocks available as usual
  • Face Masks – Adequate stocks available
  • Face Visors- Limited stock available and full stock anticipated by Friday 10 April

As you are aware, masks/ face visors do not have to be used at all times. However, you can make a decision, based on your assessment of the risk involved, about when you use these.

It is challenging at the moment to ensure we have the necessary supplies of equipment but please be assured we are using all avenues, both locally and nationally, to ensure continued adequate supplies. This includes the Council producing their own face visors. It is important though that we are open with staff about the difficulties there are in securing all the equipment we require.

I hope this gives you reassurance at this difficult time.           

Tracey Logan