Following UNISON’s successful campaign to have many of your colleagues roles re-graded from Band 1 to Band 2, UNISON are now looking to ensure there is parity across health boards regarding staff working in Band 2/3 roles who are working as, Health Care Assistants / Auxiliary Nurses / Nurse Assistants / HCSW’s.

It has become clear to UNISON, that across NHS Borders many of our Nurse Assistant/Auxiliary and HCSW members and other nurse members are working way beyond the skills and competencies that they were evaluated on as part of the Agenda for Change process. This is why, UNISON is writing to those members across NHS Borders to make them aware that they COULD have a case for re-banding.

The principle is straightforward according to A4C;

Band 2.           

1) Undertakes personal care duties for patients in hospital or similar settings
2) Reports patient condition to qualified staff

Band 3.                   

1) Undertakes a range of delegated clinical patient care duties in hospital or similar settings
2) Records patient information

This does not mean that doing one clinical task e.g. taking bloods, means that members will be able to pursue a regrading claim, but we know that in many workplaces including wards, theatres and out-patient departments our Band 2 members are doing a number of clinical tasks on a daily basis — if that sounds like you and your colleagues — you COULD have a legitimate reason to pursue a regrading claim.

I believe I work beyond a band 2 what do I do next?

UNISON wants to work with members and groups of members who have legitimate re­grading claims by taking individuals and groups of members through the NHS Borders Job Evaluation Process.

To help you work out you may have a reasonable prospect of a successful regrading claim, we’ve attached a form which you should complete and return to your local steward.

Local stewards and activists will then use the form in order to start to gather a picture, and where there are cases which have a reasonable prospect of success, we will be in touch to discuss how we make a formal claim.

What it’s not

Whilst UNISON is keen to help as many members as possible secure a fair pay outcome, we need to be quite clear, this is NOT an exercise on free money; neither is it an opportunity to re run the issues of Agenda for Change. We also fully expect resistance from NHS Borders as they try to ignore the fact that UNISON members are working beyond their pay grade and that this is a benefit to the NHS.

I am already a Band 3 and think that I might be a Band 4

At this time our focus is on Band 2/3, but if you think that you should be higher than your existing Band 3, email the Branch on and a local steward will look at your circumstances.

What do I do next?

If in looking at the New and Changed Job Pro forma you feel that you carry out a ‘range’ of the clinical duties identified:-

  • please complete (Click the link to download) Band 2 Query Form & Relevant Sections in the UNISON Case Form and return it to your local steward – Forms can be returned to Karen Lawrie, Partnership office at the BGH, which is now on Level 2 in the BGH within the Maternity Unit.

  • speak to your colleagues in your workplace copy the form and encourage them to be in touch with UNISON too

  • sign up any colleagues who are not members of UNISON— we won’t fight for non UNISON members.
  • Join UNISON online: